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Lily: I hate riding in cars! *flips tail anxiously* Sept 22, 2023 14:16:15 GMT -5
Ætheling: Lily, you were the one who thought Chimera may have run through with a Cutlass. I think that may be her Cutlass. 😻😸 Sept 22, 2023 15:45:17 GMT -5
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): Cool car. I agree Lily. I hated car rides & being in a carrier. I hated going to the vet & groomer. I was always the most happy at home with Mommy. Sept 23, 2023 19:09:23 GMT -5
♥Kally Kat Angel♥: Happy Sunday! :D to all our Kitties & Kats Furriends! flowers for mom! t09151 Luv iz 4 eva! love1 Sept 24, 2023 12:22:13 GMT -5
Andy: Don't miss Tuesday night dinner. Bunty is hosting and is bringing yummy corn dishes Sept 25, 2023 19:09:36 GMT -5
Ætheling: Hello, Kally Kat, and thank you for the 💐 💐💐
Cats, here is the link to tonight’s Indiana dinner that Andy mentioned, 7pm Eastern time:
Sept 26, 2023 14:42:23 GMT -5 *
♥Kally Kat Angel♥: Hi there Ætheling, 011 I made my first image at the ABC Food Game, it came out okay, purrleez check it out? Thank yew! I don't know how I did it, but I did! x_x Sept 26, 2023 20:36:48 GMT -5
Guest: We think we're back up and running. Sorry we missed last weeks events. Hopefully our internet won't act up again. Sept 27, 2023 11:35:37 GMT -5
Ætheling: Hooray RaenaBelle! Glad you are back on the Internet!
Kally Kat, Your pastry picture makes me hungry! If you want to resize a picture, you can go to
Sept 27, 2023 14:53:09 GMT -5
Andy: Hi RaenaBelle and Zebby. I am glad that your internet is working again. Sept 27, 2023 15:17:49 GMT -5
RaenaBelle: It's so good to see y'all. Sept 27, 2023 19:39:44 GMT -5
♥Kally Kat Angel♥: Oh Kats I see we have a beautiful brown profile no GREEN? Purrleez leave a message here? Thanks! Sept 27, 2023 20:11:32 GMT -5 *
Andy: I love the pretty orange color. Sept 28, 2023 8:11:20 GMT -5
Ætheling: Monty, I love the autumn background! My mom sends a kiss on your furry little head. 🍂🍁🥮 Sept 28, 2023 10:00:02 GMT -5
Willow: Hello Every furry cat Sept 28, 2023 18:49:11 GMT -5
♥Kally Kat Angel♥: I love the color brown it's purrity fur da Fall or the Autumn. Thank you Monty it's bees so purrity! :D Sept 28, 2023 20:43:57 GMT -5 *
RaenaBelle: Hey Monty, could you help me? For some reason the link for our craft project gives an error message in the calendar. How do I add the link to the event calendar? Thanks Sept 29, 2023 1:21:43 GMT -5
montyc: hmm let me see its been a bit since I worked on the calendar Sept 29, 2023 18:03:22 GMT -5
Sterling: Great Halloween background, Monty! Black cats and pumpkins!!! Sept 29, 2023 19:03:18 GMT -5
Coco: Love the cute Halloween background! Sept 29, 2023 20:36:42 GMT -5
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