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Welcome to the Here Kitty chat!
Jason Hopper: Happy Birthday Sab and Bastian!!! Jun 8, 2024 17:33:35 GMT -5
Lady & Blaze: Happy birthday Sab and Bastian Jun 9, 2024 15:32:52 GMT -5
Andy: Lily's mom, when my sisfur Cali was sick with cancer, mom bought her Fancy Feast Gourmet wet cat food. Mom got her the chicken. It was mostly gravy with slivers of chicken but it was the only thing that Cali would eat. Jun 9, 2024 15:55:16 GMT -5
Bunty: Lily's mom: Bunty prefers Fancy Feast gravy lovers canned cat food. The meat is in little pieces and there is plenty of gravy. Even though Bunty isn't sick she prefers it over all other canned food. Jun 9, 2024 15:58:57 GMT -5
Ætheling: :) 7 PM Eastern time tonight, Tuesday, June 11, potluck dinner in the Kitty Diner. Potluck ideas here:
Jun 11, 2024 7:54:08 GMT -5 *
Lily: Lily passed away yesterday afternoon. She died peacefully in her sleep. We miss her so much.

Lily's mom and dad
Jun 11, 2024 8:54:43 GMT -5
Bunty: Oh my, I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Lily's passing. Prayers and hugs go out to you and your family. Jun 11, 2024 10:10:25 GMT -5
Ætheling: :( We are so very very sorry to read this. Lily's parents were trying very hard to get her to eat and to help her feel better. Now, Lily is here at the rainbow bridge, strong and healthy and young again, dancing on the clouds! Jun 11, 2024 11:37:45 GMT -5
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): I am in shock about Lily. I knew it could happen, but I was praying she could get past this. I am SO sorry. Oh my. She's flying free at Rainbow Bridge. Us angels will show her around. You have our support Lily & family. Jun 11, 2024 12:21:59 GMT -5
💗Kally Kat Angel💗: Oh no! I'm in shock, for her pawrents & her purrfect friends here. She is a beautiful Angel now, may she rest in peace. Kally Kat Angel will guide her in heaven peacefully & never leave her side. Rainbow-Glitter-Image Jun 11, 2024 13:03:05 GMT -5 *
Lady & Blaze: So sorry to hear about Lily <3 Jun 11, 2024 15:37:53 GMT -5
RaenaBelle: We're saying prayers for 's family. Jun 11, 2024 18:51:16 GMT -5
Coco: We're so sorry to hear about Lily. Mom and I send prayers and condolences to her family. Felix was there to meet her when she arrived at the Bridge, where she's happy and healthy again. RIP. sweet Lily. Jun 11, 2024 20:17:49 GMT -5
Ætheling: 📚
Don't forget 7 PM Eastern tonight 😺📚 June 12 Wednesday
Meow Means Murder by Jinty James 📚
Jun 12, 2024 12:26:31 GMT -5 *
Monty: oh dear I am so sorry about Lily, my thoughts and prayers are with with her family. Jun 14, 2024 20:08:34 GMT -5
Aragorn (In Memory): ba057a9429533e9e01f201dda5a23b19 Lily . . . Forever in your heart. Jun 14, 2024 20:20:17 GMT -5 *
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): Dale S Eggers has passed away. I am not sure what happened. People are leaving tribute's all over her Facebook page. I'm sure many of you remember her from Catster & I believe she started the Cathuggers group. RIP Dale. Rainbow-Glitter-Image Jun 15, 2024 7:01:57 GMT -5
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): Friends & family members are working to find homes for all of her cats. Jun 15, 2024 7:03:33 GMT -5
💗Kally Kat Angel💗: Oh, so sad to hear this. I just message her on June 7th 1 week ago. I said, your doing so great in your new home. Your Cats are also happy too! Yes, we go back a few years from Catsters. May she Rest in Peace. Rainbow-Glitter-Image Peace for her family. Jun 15, 2024 21:47:11 GMT -5 *
Jason Hopper: RIP Dale!!! sniff... sad1 Jun 16, 2024 17:31:19 GMT -5
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