2020 Kentucky Derby


Welcome to the Here Kitty chat!
4 PM Eastern Today! Sunday, April 14.
Apr 14, 2024 11:21:25 GMT -5
Bunty: The app and my "smart phone" don't get along, keeps wanting me to update my phone just to use it, so I deleted the app and wash by hand. I did let the landlord know and the company that supports the machines, so far, no response from Jetz. Apr 14, 2024 13:21:03 GMT -5
Bunty: Bought some Febreze fabric refresher to spray my clothes, now they will smell like vanilla Apr 14, 2024 13:21:56 GMT -5
Andy: Thanks Lily, the system at my dads work is not on the internet, so I guess it is safer. Apr 14, 2024 14:54:53 GMT -5
Ætheling: Bunty, I hope your landlord and the laundry company listen to people’s complaints! Apr 14, 2024 14:59:12 GMT -5
Bunty: Landlord can't do anything about it, but at least they know that all their residents aren't happy with the system as is. Apr 14, 2024 15:31:52 GMT -5
Ætheling: 7PM Eastern, April 16, Potluck dinner tonight!
National Day food themes are: Mushrooms, Eggs Benedict, Bananas, Crawfish, Cheeseballs.
And Haiku 😸 Day
Apr 16, 2024 11:57:41 GMT -5 *
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): Happy Birthday Shannara! sing1 party1 Apr 18, 2024 8:47:55 GMT -5
Bunty: Happy Birthday Shannara! sing1 Apr 18, 2024 11:43:09 GMT -5
💗Kally Kat Angel💗: Happy Birthday Shannara 🎂 May Your Special Day Be Purrfect & Beutifurr litta gurl!🌹

Apr 18, 2024 18:22:01 GMT -5 *
Ætheling: Happy Birthday Shannara! party1 Apr 18, 2024 19:59:04 GMT -5
Shannara: Thank you Twinkle, Bunty, Kally Kat and Ætheling. love1 Apr 19, 2024 19:08:41 GMT -5
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): Happy Birthday Bijou! t09151 sing1 Apr 21, 2024 9:36:19 GMT -5
RaenaBelle: Our friend Chip is in the hospital. Please pray for him. He got into his mommy's lillies. Apr 21, 2024 12:02:49 GMT -5
💗Kally Kat Angel💗: I need help, I can't get my page for ♥Kally Kat Angel♥ It just won't open? this never happened eva! Please Atheling help me? Apr 21, 2024 20:42:26 GMT -5
💗Kally Kat Angel💗: Now, I can't get this to open to leave a message? First time eva! Atheling please help me? Big thanks if you will. x_x Apr 21, 2024 20:45:10 GMT -5
Twinkle (My Sweet Angel): I hope Chip will be ok. Are they on Facebook? It can be hard to keep up with everyfur. Apr 22, 2024 5:46:28 GMT -5
Guest: Chip is home and doing fine!!! Thanks for all the prayers. Apr 22, 2024 12:20:53 GMT -5
RaenaBelle: Chip is back home and doing well. Thanks for the prayers. Apr 22, 2024 12:22:42 GMT -5
Bunty: Praises be! Chip is okay! Apr 22, 2024 15:09:10 GMT -5
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